Why Hire a Professional Painter When You Could DIY?

professionalpainter-claffeyspaintingWhy would you hire a professional painting company instead of painting your house yourself? Does doing it yourself make more sense? Can you save money? Is it a better job? There are definitely pros & cons, but are most of the pros on the side of the “Pros”?

Being your own painter…

Obviously there are many homeowners who are skilled when it comes to painting, and who can do a pretty nice job. So, if you’re going to do the painting yourself, because your only expenditure is supplies, then yes, you should be able save some money. Although saving money is an important factor, it may be the only pro for doing the job yourself…

The Pros of Hiring a Pro…

  •  Whether it’s interior or exterior, to do a good job, painting takes time…how much time do you want to spend on your project? Some people only have a couple of hours here and there to work on it, which means it could take a couple weeks to finish the job. Hiring a professional will get the job done efficiently and timely, you are on their schedule, they have the time set aside, you are their priority. And honestly, wouldn’t you rather be doing something else?
  • You can expect a quality job, thanks to three things:
    • Experience that gives a professional the advantage.
    • Professional tools (which can be expensive) – anyone can buy a paint brush, but a professional will buy all the right tools that will achieve a quality job.
    • PaintersTape-ClaffeysPaintingProper preparation. They won’t skip preparation steps that will degrade the quality of the job. Part of the preparation is identifying any problems that require fixing before the painting begins, like mold, decay or rot.
  • Professionals understand paint and the importance of using the right paint for the right job, and can advise you, so you have the outcome you want.
  • For some, just thinking about a painting project is stressful…A professional painter can alleviate your stress, (something that most people don’t think of). A by-product of alleviating stress is peace of mind, knowing that your contractor helps eliminate unforseen costs, because they have looked your project over and given you a quote for the things that need to be done.
  • Most professionals want to do a great job for you, and they will work to give you exactly what you want, if mistakes are made, painting contractors not only have insurance, but guarantees for their work.
  • One of the real pros for hiring a Pro is that there’s no clean up for you to do…they will leave your home looking better than they found it.
  • Believe it or not, in the long run, you could save money by hiring a painting contractor…their work is better, their tools are better (and you won’t have to buy any), the paint job can last longer.

If you have a painting job you’d like done and you not DIY…
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