Which Type of Paint Should You Use for Your Job?

Type of Paint - Claffey's PaintingChoosing the right type of paint for your job has been something that many people have worried about over the years…should you use latex or oil based, gloss, semi-gloss or enamel.

And by the way, what is egg-shell enamel?

With all these and many other choices, it’s no wonder people get confused. So let’s begin at the beginning, with some brief definitions, and maybe that will help make the selection process easier.

Types of Paint:

  • Primer – Using a primer is a step that is often skipped, but is the basis of a good paint job.
    • A primer is an inexpensive way to seal your surface and give it an undercoating that will seal, help block out old colors, make uneven surfaces more even, and make it possible to paint over types of paint that are not compatible with the type of paint you want to use now.
    • Primers can be purchased with color added to match the color you will be using.
    • Primers dry quickly and allow you to get right to your project.
  • Latex Paint – This is a very versatile paint that can be used on surfaces that have not had primer used on them.
    • Interior Paint Personalize - Claffey's PaintingLatex dries quickly, which makes it great for finishing projects in a relatively short period of time.
    • The real “bonus” of using latex is there is no need for paint thinners and cleaners…it is water soluble…it’s easy to clean up your tools with soap and water relatively fast.
    • Don’t try to use latex over glossy surfaces, it will more than likely not adhere well.
  • Oil Based Paint – Unlike latex paint, oil based paint takes longer to dry, which many professionals prefer, because it leads to a smoother finish.
    • It has has strong odor, but is a long lasting finish.
    • Oil based paint can be used to cover painted surfaces that have a different type of paint on them.
    • It must be cleaned up with either turpentine or mineral spirits.
  • Rubber Based Paint – This type of paint works great on brick or concrete. Typically in flat or low gloss finishes, it comes in a small number of colors, it is strong smelling, expensive and clean up is more difficult.
  • Dripless Paint – Is not only more expensive but it is also very thick, which makes it great for painting ceilings. Because it’s so thick, it usually only takes 1 coat for good coverage.
  • Textured Paint – This is a great paint to cover up surfaces with flaws or give the appearance of stucco. The texture comes from particles resembling sand that are suspended in the paint.
    • Because of the texture, it can be more difficult to paint over.

Paint Color and Sheen

Now that you have a basic understanding of the types of paints that are available and their pros and cons, your next (and really more fun) decision will be color and sheen. But these are topics for another discussion.

If you’re getting ready to paint the interior or exterior of your home, your safest bet is to hire a professional paint company.

Claffey’s Painting is a full service painting contractor serving Western Washington, Chelan, Douglas and Kittitas Counties. We have painted over 7000 homes and would enjoy the opportunity to help paint yours. We can guide you through all the decision making processes so you get the right paint for the right job.

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