Which Paint Touch Ups Can Help Sell Your House?

PaintTouchUps-ClaffeysPaintingNo matter what time of year you’re getting ready to sell your house, by taking the time to touch up the paint in some strategic areas, you will be putting your home’s “best foot forward”. Not only will it make your home look well-maintained, but it will make it look and feel fresh and inviting…like welcoming the new buyer home.

Deciding which areas of your home will be the most impactful to touch up can be a little tricky, so I have put together a list of areas for you to focus on. (If those areas are in good shape already, all the better!)

Touch Up Painting in just the right places:

  • Looking in from the street, the front door is the first place buyers will see, it’s their first impression of your house…make sure it welcomes them in with a fresh coat of paint.
  • Once perspective buyers enter through your freshly painted front door, the entry or hallway will give them their first impression of the interior of the house. This is an area that typically attracts lots of fingerprints and outside dirt. Cleaning may not be the answer to this problem, so make sure there is a fresh coat of paint on the walls…using a neutral color will appeal to most people.
  • Millwork, or woodwork that is found around window sills, around doors, floor boards and chair rails, get a lot of use and abuse and can be not only dirty but chipped up. Be sure you have looked over all these areas and apply touch up paint wherever needed.
  • Pay special attention to the kitchen and bathrooms. These are areas that most buyers will also pay special attention to. If they feel small, dinghy, or dark and dreary, they are unappealing and your potential buyer will become uninterested. Paint them light neutral colors to help them feel more spacious, open and clean.
  • Cabinet doors are another high priority for cleanliness. The least you should do is scrub them down to remove fingerprints, grease and dirt. If possible, give painted cupboard doors a fresh coat of paint.
  • PaintCeilings-ClaffeysPaintingBelieve it or not, your ceilings might be a candidate for touch up paint, check them for water stains and other scrapes and scratches. If you need to paint ceilings, click here for some creative ideas.

It’s not always necessary to paint your entire house before it goes on the market, oftentimes finding the places that need a little TLC are enough to make your home show well.

But if your home needs a good paint job throughout and painting is not your “thing”, give us a call…

Claffey’s Painting is a full service painting contractor serving Western Washington, Chelan, Douglas and Kittitas Counties. We have painted over 7000 homes and would enjoy the opportunity to help paint yours. We can guide you through all the decision making processes so you get the right paint for the right job, and the professional job you’re looking for.

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