Why and Where to Paint an Accent Wall

accentwall-claffeyspaintingHomeowners seem to really like accent walls…walls that are different shapes, designs, or colors from the rest of the walls in the room.

Some decorators might tell you that the accent wall, which became a trend a few years ago, is just a passing fad, or even that it’s dead…just don’t tell that to the millions who are still painting accent walls in their homes.

Although there are those who truly don’t like accent walls, they prefer all 4 walls be the same color, there are some really good reasons to incorporate them into your decorating scheme.

Why an accent wall is a good idea…

  • Done correctly, they can make a small room appear larger. By painting one wall a deep rich color, you can trick the eye into seeing the room as larger.
  • You can add color to a room, maybe your favorite color, without overpowering the space, and without looking like you found a good paint sale, so you put it on your walls.
  • Along with adding color to your room, an accent wall adds the appearance of texture and interest.
  • If you have a space that is used for dual purposes, you can use the paint of an accent wall to divide the space visually. “Open” floor plans are great candidates for this because you can define spaces, yet keep the open feeling.

How do you choose the right wall to accent?

Many people make the mistake of choosing the wrong wall to throw that splash of color on…take a good long look at your room, so you don’t make that mistake.

  • Is there a wall that your eyes just naturally focuses on when you walk into the room?
    • Maybe it’s the first wall you see, the one across from the entry.
    • Maybe it’s the wall with the fireplace, wainscoting, or a built in bookshelf.
    • If the room is a bedroom, it most likely will be the wall the bed is located on.
  • accentpaint-claffeyspaintingConsider the architecture of the room.
    • If it’s a long, narrow room, using the short wall at the end for accent will make the room not feel as narrow or long.
    • Does your room have a wall that is shaped other than rectangular? That is a natural wall to add color to.
    • Does your room have a nook, a reading area, or a window alcove.
    • One accent wall many people never think of is the wall you see when you look up, your ceiling.

When you’re choosing the wall, or the color you want to use, always consider what you’re trying to accomplish with this decorating treatment: Are you trying to add interest, add the feeling of more space, make the room feel more intimate? Once you have determined that, it will be easier to choose the right wall.

You can go overboard, using too much of your accent color, remember the 60-30-10 rule:

  • 60% of the room, whether it’s paint upholstery or art, should be the main color of the room
  • 30% of the room is allocated to a secondary color
  • 10% of the room boasts the accent color.

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