Have You Ever Considered Painting Your Walls With a Faux Finish?

Faux Painting - Claffey's PaintingIs it time to have some of the rooms in your home repainted, but you’re not sure what to do because you’re tired of having the “same ole same ole”. Although nothing rejuvenates a room more than a new coat of paint, isn’t there something more you can do?

Maybe it’s time to try some faux finishes on your walls…not only will your walls be rejuvenated, but you’ll be adding a whole new dimension. You can create an old world look, the impression of metallics, or the look of old stone. Your creation will make your home an original.

What is a Faux Finish?

People have been using this type of painting for hundreds of years…as early and the ancient Egyptians.

This is a technique that creates the appearance or illusion that your walls have additional texture on them. When done right, it’s a very effective and refreshing look that became very popular when wallpaper began to “fall from grace” during the 1980s and 1990s.

Faux painting can be done in every room and on most surfaces, such as walls or ceilings that are made of wood, plaster or drywall. You can produce a variety of looks:

  • Stone
  • Marbling
  • Fresco
  • Leather
  • Color Washing
  • Venetian Plaster
  • Brushed Copper or Victorian Plaster
  • Shapes and Patterns
  • Almost any texture imaginable

Faux Painting Finishes - Claffey's Painting

If you’re re-doing some of the spaces in your home…have a little fun, do it with a flare. Let Claffey’s help you create a finish you will enjoy for a very long time!

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“Just wanted to tell you what a great job your guys do….I am really pleased. This is the first time Barry has ever hired anyone to do something, and to have it turn out beautifully is a real plus. It would have taken us a year to paint this place.” –  Susan, North Bend, WA