Choosing Colors to Paint the Exterior of Your House

ExteriorHousePainting Have you ever painted a room, thinking it was going to be great, only to be totally disappointed when it was finished. Although it isn’t something you want to do, you can re-paint a room without too much problem. This isn’t such a good option if you’re not happy with how the exterior paint job on your house turns out.

Think of some of the houses you may have driven by that are bright pink, orange or blue; did the owners just find a “paint sale”?

Painting the exterior of your home is a big project, not to mention that it can be quite costly…especially if you’re not happy with it and you decide to re-paint. So, obviously, you want to get it right the first time. But how do you know where to begin choosing the right paint colors and color schemes – there are so many great colors to choose from.

The process of choosing your exterior paint…

A good place to begin is in your car. Go for a ride around your neighborhood or other neighborhoods that you like.

  • Take your camera and take pictures of the houses that appeal to you.
  • Determine what the feel and architecture of your neighborhood is.
  • Take note of how many colors other homeowners are using on their home, especially the ones you like.
    • A good starting point is 3 colors, one for the main body of the house, one for accents like doors and shutters, and one for trim.

You also need to choose the kind of paint that will endure the weather patterns in the area you live in. (You could ask a paint specialist at your local hardware or paint store)

Which color scheme works for you?

There are 4 color schemes I’d like to talk about that should help you in your quest for great color.

  1. ComplimentaryColors-ClaffeysPaintingComplimentary Colors: This color scheme typically has 2 basic colors that are not from the same color family, on a color wheel they would be on opposite sides from each other. This type of color scheme is great for making details of your home’s architecture stand out.
  2. Monochromatic Colors: These are colors that are all from the same color base either white or black added to change the hue or tint of the color. PaintColorWheel-Claffey'sPaintingThese colors have a very sophisticated look to them.
  3. Analogous Colors: On the color wheel, these colors are right next to each other, and feel very comfortable and harmonious.
  4. Tridad Colors: These are three colors that are spaced evenly from each other on the color wheel. This lesser known color scheme can be a very effective and can be either bold or relaxing, depending on the colors you choose.

MonochromaticPaintColors-ClaffeysPaintingTake a little time making your choice. Once you’ve chosen your color scheme and the specific colors for your home, buy a quart of each color to test on your house. Check out how these colors look together and on your home at different times during the day and evening to see if you like them in different lights.

You can always count on the professionals at Claffey’s Painting to help you with your painting choices and needs. No home is too large or too small.

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