Decorate Your Home With Paint

DecorateWithPaint-Claffey'sPaintingTime to do a little decorating or redecorating? Maybe it’s time to think a little bit out of the box…it doesn’t have to be wild or garish, but maybe a little bit unconventional. All decorating doesn’t necessarily revolve around new furniture, rugs, pillows, or art on the walls. Think about your walls as your art, they are blank canvases. Think about color, think about paint!

There is power in color…You can create spaces that give you the feeling of excitement, calm, energy, happiness, sophistication, masculinity, femininity, modern, vintage, and so much more.

The key is don’t be afraid of color, understand how to use it, and then have fun choosing it.

Ideas to help you Decorate With Paint…

Sometimes there is a bit of trial and error when it comes to decorating with paint, but the really nice thing is it’s relatively easy to do it over again.

  1. The paint on your ceiling can make a difference in how your room feels. If you would like to add some height to a normal room, painting the ceiling a shade or two lighter than the walls will give the illusion of a higher, more spacious ceiling and room. A darker color will bring a high ceiling down and add a feeling of coziness.
  2. Accent walls are a great way to add interest to a room, but you don’t always need more than one color. Using different hues of one color, a monochromatic color scheme can be just as interesting.
  3. BoldPaintColor-ClaffeysPaintingWant to use a bold, saturated color? The key to doing this successfully, so your room doesn’t look like it belongs in a comic book, is to tone it down by adding neutral colors to offset it, while letting it still have the dramatic look that grabs your eye.
  4. Deep rich colors add warmth and drama to a room. Even a small room can look great as long as millwork and other trim is painted in a lighter, neutral color.
  5. Ever tried color blocking on your walls? This is a great way to add interest and the feel of texture to your room. Many people like to use wallpaper to create this effect, but if that’s not for you, color blocking will add a splash of color and pattern.
    1. PaintBlocking-ClaffeysPaintingColor blocking is done by choosing different areas or zones on your walls, or even your ceilings, and painting different shapes with colors that compliment, but are different from your main color. You could do entire walls or strategic areas on a wall.
    2. Patterns you could use would be: circles, squares, stripes or any other shape that would add interest.
    3. Blocking can be a very creative way to create the illusion of a  headboard for a bed, a frame for artwork, or to separate two spaces in a room.
  6. PaintedMural-Claffey'sPaintingStenciling your walls or creating a mural is as good as any artwork you may purchase, and it can take the place of wallpaper, which is difficult to remove when it’s time to redecorate the next time.
  7. Paint the wall at the end of a hallway a bold dramatic color, to feature it and “bring it forward”.
  8. Let your millwork stand out by painting it a contrasting color to the walls.

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