Decorate With Paint

Time to do a little decorating or redecorating? Maybe it's time to think a little bit out of the doesn't have to be wild or garish, but maybe a little bit unconventional. All decorating doesn't necessarily revolve around new furniture, rugs, pillows, or art on the walls. Think about your walls as your art, they are blank canvases. Think about color, think about paint!

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House Painting Mistakes

One of the easiest ways to makeover or perk up a room is to give it a new coat of paint. With paint you can turn dark and dinghy to light and airy, loud and obnoxious to calm and soothing, or feeling small and confined to open and spacious. Paint is a very versatile medium when it comes to transforming a space. The problem is...

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Paint With A Roller

If you want to paint a room, and you want to do it quickly, efficiently and get the best job possible, then the paint roller is the right tool for you. There are other tools you can use, the paintbrush or the paint sprayer...but there are pros and cons to using them:

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Paint Kitchen Cabinets

Are your kitchen cabinets starting to look a little old, tired, boring, and outdated? Would you like to just replace them with something new and updated, but it's just too costly? Painting is a great way to bring them up to date without "breaking the bank". Use these tips to do a professional job.

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House Painting Problems

For most homeowners, painting isn't one of their favorite like the end result, you just don't want to do the job. Then, after the job is complete and you're ready to admire and enjoy your work you notice something that doesn't look quite right.

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Paint Recycling

We've all been there...we've just completed painting part or all of our home. How often have you done that and used every last drop of paint that you had purchased for your project. Probably not very often. In fact, more often than not, you're left with a couple of inches, either from the top of the can or the the bottom, of leftover paint. Now you have the decision of what to do with a partially full paint can. You pretty much have 3 options:

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Exterior House Painting

Have you ever painted a room, thinking it was going to be great, only to be totally disappointed when it was finished. Although it isn't something you want to do, you can re-paint a room without too much problem. This isn't such a good option if you're not happy with how the exterior paint job on your house turns out.

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