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Painting Millwork

Depending on your taste and style, millwork can be finished in a couple of different ways: It can be stained, painted or even finished with a clear seal. Most homes come with the millwork already painted or finished, so your job is probably re-painting it, whether it's because it's been used and abused or because you're ready for a change.

By |2017-03-18T15:16:30-07:00August 13th, 2014|Interior Painting, Paint|Comments Off on Painting Millwork

Paint Brushes and Rollers

In order to get a quality paint job for your home, you have probably invested in quality paint brushes and roller covers...which can be a costly purchase. And then if you end up throwing them away after they've been used one time, it becomes even costlier. But there is no need to keep replacing these tools if you take a little time to clean them up after your paint job is completed.

By |2017-03-18T14:39:25-07:00July 9th, 2014|Exterior Painting, Interior Painting, Paint|Comments Off on Paint Brushes and Rollers

Choose a Paint Brush

If you're getting ready to do some painting around the house, one of the first things, besides paint, that you will need is a good paint brush. Unless you have some paint brushes that you've saved from previous paint jobs, you'll be off to the local hardware store to make a purchase. Buying supplies and tools can get expensive, but if you do it right the first time, and take proper care of them every time, your brushes can last quite a while and be used over and over.

By |2017-03-17T14:10:53-07:00June 11th, 2014|Paint, Residential Painting|Comments Off on Choose a Paint Brush

Exterior House Paint

With spring in full swing and summer quickly approaching, homeowners are assessing the condition of their yards, their outdoor furniture, how their roof survived the winter and the big question on their minds...does my house need to be repainted? Painting the exterior of your home is a considerable investment, not only financially but also

By |2017-03-17T14:11:00-07:00May 17th, 2014|Exterior Painting, Residential Painting|Comments Off on Exterior House Paint

Interior House Painting Techniques

Maybe this is your first time painting in your home, or maybe you have painted before and it has turned out less than what you had hoped for. I mean, how hard can it be to slap a coat of paint on the walls?

By |2017-03-18T15:00:53-07:00April 11th, 2014|Interior Painting, Paint, Residential Painting|Comments Off on Interior House Painting Techniques

Exterior Painting

You've noticed chips and cracks in the paint on the exterior of your home...Wow, it feels just like last summer you either painted it yourself or had it painted. Where does the time go? No matter when it feels like you last had your home painted, you've seen the signs, it's time to have it done again.

By |2017-03-17T14:11:16-07:00March 6th, 2014|Exterior Painting, Residential Painting|Comments Off on Exterior Painting

Painting Walls

There is nothing like a freshly painted feels so clean, refreshed and new! They say that painting the walls in a room is the easiest way to change it up...but is it that easy? Some people might think so, but there are too many of us that have "dreaded stories" to tell. Stories of horrid colors, ruined carpets, previous colors bleeding through, and uneven trim work.

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Choosing Paint Colors

It's time to repaint, whether the room needs to be updated, refreshed or you're just plain tired of's time to paint. The big question is how do you choose the right paint color? In fact, is there such a thing as the right color? Why does color even matter? Color is an active component in life

By |2017-03-17T14:11:32-07:00December 30th, 2013|Interior Painting, Paint|Comments Off on Choosing Paint Colors

Painting Contractor

There is nothing like a freshly painted room or a beautifully painted home exterior. Everyone likes to paint right? Not! Choosing paint colors is the fun part, but actually accomplishing the task can be another story. Many people like to paint their own homes because they like to think they are saving money by doing the painting themselves. But are they?

By |2017-03-17T14:11:39-07:00November 1st, 2013|Residential Painting|Comments Off on Painting Contractor
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