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Paint Recycling

We've all been there...we've just completed painting part or all of our home. How often have you done that and used every last drop of paint that you had purchased for your project. Probably not very often. In fact, more often than not, you're left with a couple of inches, either from the top of the can or the the bottom, of leftover paint. Now you have the decision of what to do with a partially full paint can. You pretty much have 3 options:

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Exterior House Painting

Have you ever painted a room, thinking it was going to be great, only to be totally disappointed when it was finished. Although it isn't something you want to do, you can re-paint a room without too much problem. This isn't such a good option if you're not happy with how the exterior paint job on your house turns out.

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Paint Touch Ups Sell House

No matter what time of year you're getting ready to sell your house, by taking the time to touch up the paint in some strategic areas, you will be putting your home's "best foot forward". Not only will it make your home look well-maintained, but it will make it look and feel fresh and welcoming the new buyer home. Here are some prime areas to consider.

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Deck Maintenance

Great Tips for Maintaining Your Deck Now that Spring is here and Summer is fast approaching, if you're like me, you're looking forward to spending  nice evenings, barbecuing and relaxing  in your outdoor living space... your deck. But after a few months of summer foot traffic and a few more of winter weather, your deck [...]

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Painting Brick

Do you have an older home with a tired, worn out looking, brick fireplace? Maybe you have brick on the exterior of your home and you are just plain tired of it and want to change it up and liven it up. What are you going to do? Maybe you're tempted to throw a coat of paint on it...that shouldn't be a big deal, or should it?

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Caulk Before Paint

Possibly one of the most overlooked steps before painting either the exterior of a home or the interior is caulking... it's one of the secrets of painting your house like a professional. Not only will caulking make your job look better, but it can help your home be more energy efficient

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Paint Ceiling

We spend time energy and money painting and decorating the four walls in each of the rooms of our home, but few people consider the 5th wall in each room. Did you know you had a 5th wall? Look up! You may not have thought about your ceiling in that way, but it is "prime" space, and often ignored.

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